About – Permanent Cosmetics of Utah

Shelly uses two methods when applying permanent makeup, Softap & The Dixon technique, both of which provide the most natural looking, gentlest and precise way of applying permanent makeup. Shelly has always been interested in the beauty industry, especially cosmetics.; She understands the frustrations that come along with applying makeup on a daily basis. Makeup wears off, smudges, can cause breakouts or allergic reactions and takes time and patience to apply every day. Like most women who have become tired of these frustrations, she started looking into permanent cosmetics, but was afraid of the processes and the horror stories she has heard.Determined to find a natural looking, gentle alternative to the painful, unnatural and color changing permanent cosmetics of the past, she continued her research and found Softap Permanent Cosmetics. When she met the women in the Softap industry and their clients she knew right away that she not only wanted this for herself, but she wanted to bring this wonderful service to other women like her

Since then, Shelly has become fully trained in Softap and Digital PenPermanent Cosmetics, Advanced Placements/Design, Advanced Color Theory and Color Correction. Unlike other providers of permanent cosmetics who provide this service among many of the other services they provide (e.g. facials, waxing, etc.), Shelly has made permanent cosmetics her one and only specialty in order to not only be technically proficient in applying permanent cosmetics, but also to master the ARTISTRY of doing so.

Shelly’s easy going, fun loving personality and her patience in walking clients through the procedure, answering questions and listening to their concerns puts her clients immediately at ease. Shelly has an eye for detail, a steady hand and a passion to make sure that each woman leaves with exactly the look they came in for. Women are amazed by the painlessness of the procedure, precise application and are universally delighted by the finished look. Many of Shelly’s clientele consists of women who have had a negative permanent cosmetic experience in the past and have come to her for a corrective procedure. After meeting with Shelly, these women have had their faith in permanent cosmetics renewed.